Genuine oils and lubricants

Honda genuine motor oil 5w-30 is finest oil, which meets all Honda’s standards and specifications. With Honda genuine motor oil the engine works at maximum efficiency. The engines, which use Honda genuine oil, have proven their reliability and durability according to Honda’s special standards for Armenia.


If you purchase Honda genuine oil and oil filter from us, we will have them replaced for free. 


You can always purchase Honda genuine oils and fluids at reasonable prices from us. 


Manual transmission

Honda MTF 2

Automatic transmission

Honda ATF-DW1

Automatic transmission

Honda ATF-Z1

Variable transmission

Honda CVTF


Honda Longlife Coolant

Power steering

Honda  PSF-S

Brake system

Honda Ultra Brake Fluid Dot 4

Differential, CR-V

Honda DPS-F

Differential, Pilot

Honda VTM- 4 Differential Fluid

 Transfer assembly, Pilot  HGO-1

Motor oil

Honda genuine motor oil 5w-30